Our practice makes a commitment to your health and wellbeing

Our practice revolves around a series of standards we live and work by. They’re on our mind every time we see you in our clinic and they’re the cornerstone of our work as we care for the people of Roxby Downs and the surrounding areas.


Healthy Outcomes

We’re here for your overall health. Of course, we’ll prescribe medicine when it’s needed, and treat injuries when they occur. But your health is more than that. It’s being strong and fit and making good food choices. It’s knowing how to treat your body well so it keeps working for you for as long as possible. Our doctors also keep up with the latest in children’s health, nutrition, fitness and treatments.


Patient service

Your wellbeing is at the heart of our medical practice. We want you to feel comfortable enough to ask us any question and speak about your concerns. It may not be an acutely medical issue, it could just be something you can’t put your finger on. We’re here to listen and help if we can. And if we can’t, we can always point you in the right direction for other services like an allied health provider or specialist doctor.


Trust and respect

Every patient we see is worthy of our respect. Every person who works at our clinic is also worthy of respect. Our relationships with our patients are for the long term, and as we care for you and your family as you grow and change, trust and respect will be at the centre of our relationship.


Team work

We’re a tight team at Roxby Downs Family Practice. Every member of staff is part of our successful medical clinic and we all work together to restore and maintain the health of our patients. Only by supporting each other every day are we able to continue bringing you top quality care.


Professional development

Our staff are constantly updating and developing their knowledge in the latest and best treatment of disease and illness. Medicine is always changing and our GPs, nursing staff and other members of the team will continue to educate themselves continuously to bring you the best medical service in Roxby Downs.